Deus Ex Machinae

Chapter Two - Super Steve

Stepping into the fire...

Tai and Nick, with their randomly recruited new ally, Jalen, awoke in the ruins with some new trinkets to mess around with. As they returned to the small village, they discovered an unusual sight: the small, peaceful village they had left not long ago had turned into a rather large city surrounded by a wall of stone. Inside the city, they quickly discoverd that it was split into three sections: the neutral merchant area of Relin-Kahl, the aristocratic wealthy are of Dariss, and the slums of Gul.

A little sniffing around led them to Gul where they heard of a band of rebels opposing Dariss. They eventually found the rebels’ hideout and entered to find the group consisted mostly of laguz (a breed of human-like creatures that actually have the ability to transform into animals) and Branded (those born to a laguz parent and a beorc [any non-laguz] parent). The rebel group had formed to fight the ruling power in Dariss that persecuted them for being “subhuman.”

The leader of the Gul rebels, Raix, then enlisted the help of the trio. He explained the plan: they were going to sneak into Dariss and destroy an important public building. He also explained that he had a man on the inside who would keep the civilians out of their way – they may be rebels, but they don’t kill innocent civilians after all.

The three then split up: Nick and Jalen joined up with one of the rebels to distract the guards at the gate between Gul and Dariss while Tai followed Raix and another rebel into the city to the building. The first group had some difficulties as they continued into the city to keep the path clear for the others. However, they were saved by their rebel ally, one with some ability in…some sort of healing magic. Meanwhile, Raix and Tai finally reached the target location, set up their…”unique surprise,” and escaped – with a few magical trinkets as well.

Unfortunately, for all their hard work, they weren’t all able to escape. The explosion was heard across Dariss, and guards suddenly appeared as if from everywhere. Raix and his rebels, as well as Nick, managed to escape, but Tai and Jalen were captured…



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