This is the beginning of a new adventure, hopefully the first of three equally epic campaigns based, sometimes loosely, sometimes almost exactly on songs by Machinae Supremacy. This campaign is based off of the album Deus Ex Machinae. Each adventure, or “chapter” has some sort of connection to the song matched to it. Perhaps it’s based on the title, such as Return to Snake Mountain; perhaps it’s based on the lyrics, such as Super Steve; or perhaps it’s just based on the position of the particular song in the order of the album, such as Ninja. Regardless, my hope is that those who participate will have an enjoyable experience and perhaps even develop a taste for everyone’s favorite SID metal band, Machinae Supremacy.

However, let’s not forget the part about Path of Radiance. That’s right, Deus Ex Machinae will include several aspects drawn from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, including their skills, now in the form of “radiant arts,” some equipment and magic item enhancements, and even a character or two. It promises to add an interesting element to the game, and I certainly hope the players will have a great time, especially experimenting with the “radiant arts.”

Deus Ex Machinae